Do you have any wooden puzzles from Optimago or Victory, or special Wentworth wooden puzzles?

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Yes. We have a limited number of wooden jigsaw puzzles made by Optimago and Victory ranging in sizes from 150 to 800 pieces. They are all instant collectables at this point as they are no longer being made. If you are interested in any of them at a great price just send us a email at customerservice@puzzlehouse.com and we will let you know what is left is stock. We also have a limited number of special Wentworth wooden puzzles that were not produced in quantity and can only be purchased through The Puzzle House. more
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I have 7 unopened boxes of Optimago Hand Cut wooden Jigsaw Puzzles.  This is a series of 12 and I have 6 thru 12.  The name of the design is Furber flower Engravings and they all have 475 pieces.  Are they worth anything?

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