Do you know 5 FILIPINO superstitious beliefs with scientific explanations?

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1 Answer

Here are some of the popular Filipino superstitious beliefs: 1. Taking a bath on Tuesdays and Fridays will make a person unhealthy. 2. Building a house at a dead end road will give the family who lives in the house bad luck. 3. The number of steps in stairs in a house should be odd numbers in order to give the family good luck. 4. A person with large ears will have a long life. 5. A black cat crossing your path means a bad omen and you must go back home. 6. Always build a home during the waxing phase of moon to bring good luck. 7. A woman who switches seats many times while having her meal will have many suitors. 8. Giving your love one a handkerchief as a gift will make her cry. 9. Dropping the wedding ring during the wedding ceremony means an unhappy marriage. 10. Stepping over a child who is sleeping will hinder the child's growth. 11. Sweeping the floor at night time is strictly a no, no because you are sweeping the positive energy that is entering the house. 12. Stacking coins ... more
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