Do You Know The Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetic Ketoacidosis?

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1 Answer

There are many diabetes sufferers in America - around 10.9 million men and 9.7 million women. There are lots of possible complications, but one of the most feared is diabetic ketoacidosis. This complication causes severe damage of the cells, which can result in a variety of illnesses or even death. Some diabetic patients with ketoacidosis are in a permanent coma because one or more of their vital organs have degenerated so badly. A large buildup of glucose in the body can lead to increased production of ketone bodies. These ketone bodies cause diabetic ketoacidosis. One of the main reasons this is a concern for diabetes sufferers is because diabetes reduces the ability of the body to break down sugar, which can lead to a buildup of glucose. If the body doesn't break down the glucose, it compromises the production of insulin in the body, and insulin is the counteragent of ketone bodies. Because lack of insulin contributes to the buildup of ketone bodies, diabetic ketoacidosis is often ... more
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