Do you love to travel? Which country did you like the most?

Sonya123 Sonya

How many countries have you visited? Do you like mountains or the sea?

Demi Cameron

I have visited over 20 countries. Asia is my love for now. Also I have been in Africa and Australia and now my plan is excursions in the Dominican Republic. I really want to taste there food and feel atmosphere. 

Alton Barrows

I like traveling around the USA. The nature of the United States is amazing and diverse and constantly does not cease to amaze. We travel with our equipment, such as sleeping bags, tents, the best yeti cooler for camping and more. These trips are the best that has happened to me in life!

Kate Tarat

I am traveling twice a year. I used to travel to Italy this month and was in Rimini, Rome, and Bologna. Bologna is an amazing place with a tasty kitchen. I used to eat pizza and pasta, the price was pretty affordable. Also using I could leave all my things and have a nice walk at the city center without any baggage.


I like to travel too. I just visited a lot of different countries and was in Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden.

Maxim Bessmertniy

I like traveling very much. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to many countries yet, but I hope I’ll be able to see as many places as possible. It is difficult to say what country I liked most of all, but the first place that appears in my mind is Georgia. I read about it on one of the travel forums and decided that I had to visit this country. I should say, I haven’t regretted my choice.