Do you love to travel? Which country did you like the most?

Sonya123 Sonya

How many countries have you visited? Do you like mountains or the sea?


I love to travel, but I’m not going to go abroad yet. The USA is quite a big and interesting country, so I try to travel around as many cities in the country as possible. Last month I rented a car in Avis car rental Denver CO, and I drove around Colorado for 3 days and saw a lot of interesting things.

Johns Johns edited answer

I like to travel with my wife. We have wanted to go to St. Petersburg for a long time. My parents were living there before. We used the services of a guide because we knew Peterburg from the stories only. We really liked the st petersburg walking tour. It’s amazing when you can walk where your parents were walking before.
Also, we liked the location of Petersburg. We very quickly got to Finland from there by ferry. We spent 3 days in Helsinki. We liked this country with kind people well.

Alexia Hunt

I am passionate about traveling. I have been to many countries and last month I visited Greece. In my opinion, everyone should visit this fantastic place! I don’t have enough words to describe all the nature. So, if haven’t visited it yet – do it. Almost forgot, when traveling in countries with other time zones, this website becomes irreplaceable

June Manning

I traveled to India first when I was 18 because I was dissatisfied; because I was unhappy, depressed. I traveled to get away from life as I had known it, to seek something. I ended up staying and living there, spending a decade altogether. I found my wife there, and started a family. I found purpose and I found a path. Since then, I have traveled to other places — with my family.

Samara Samara123

I like traveling very much! This is my hobby and a wonderful opportunity to spend my time in another country