Do you rent a car when traveling?

Oliver Harvey Posted

If yes, what’s the best company to rent a car on a monthly basis?


Hi! I first rented transport when I was traveling. I used the services lyft. In time delivered the car to a convenient place, a very polite employee explained to us everything about the car and characteristics, always said to seek help if necessary. He gave us a lyft phone number . The car is in perfect condition, has never failed.

Demi Cameron

Yes, the last car I rented was Honda Civic Type R. Guys, it’s the best car I have ever driven. So fast and just perfect.


Personally, I have never rented cars in my whole life… I don’t think that it’s so comfortable to use someone else’s car… I recommend you to buy your own one, and in case you don’t know what to choose, these at longo vehicles can be quite useful for you so check these reviews right there. Good luck.


Hi, of course, I travel only rent a car. I don’t understand another type of travel and I don’t see the point. You will not be able to get the most pleasure when traveling by car or train. Yes, and it is cheaper to rent a car, but if you rent a car, then we recommend the service I like their quality and fleet.

William Young

One of the biggest ideas that is relevant for almost any trip is, an excellent service for renting cars and I recommend such an interesting and high-quality way to solve your problems and get somewhere faster. I advise you to pay attention to it and use quality things.