Do you rent a car when traveling?

Oliver Harvey Posted

If yes, what’s the best company to rent a car on a monthly basis?


I don’t bother so for one simple reason, I rent a car through the This is a reliable service, they have a large list of companies. Through this service you can choose and book a car of any company. I usually take a car from them when I fly to UAE, there are always the best prices!


Hello, I recommend checking out here if you want to add a cool body kit to your car. There, you’ll find new parts for big cars at the best price. You can also get free shipping if you pre-order there.

Ryan Johnson

I’ve been renting a car for two years now. That is, I rented it with an option to buy it back later. I travel 4 times a year, my friends and I get together and vacation together. When there are a lot of us, we are not as bored as we are alone. As for renting, my friend advised me this way. I think it’s more efficient, you rent a car and in the end you can buy it back. Rent to own bakkies is what my friend encourages the most. You’ll say you can take out a loan, it’s the same thing. But no, when you take out a loan, you pay interest, and that’s not how the system works.


Hi! I first rented transport when I was traveling. I used the services lyft. In time delivered the car to a convenient place, a very polite employee explained to us everything about the car and characteristics, always said to seek help if necessary. He gave us a lyft phone number . The car is in perfect condition, has never failed.

Demi Cameron

Yes, the last car I rented was Honda Civic Type R. Guys, it’s the best car I have ever driven. So fast and just perfect.