Do you take vitamin pills?

Alexia Hunt

Do daily vitamins (in pill form) actually work?

Oliver Harvey

No, I don’t. Under certain circumstances (vitamin D deficiency, or deficiency of other vitamins), they can be beneficial. But they offer no replacement for eating actual fruits and veggies. The complex chemical composition of a carrot is stripped down to a single vitamin, and so much of that carrot’s health value is stripped away with it.

June Manning

Sure, taking vitamins is definitely essential but first, consult a nutritionist. For example, I don’t eat meat for more than 2 years. But being a vegan it’s necessary to have a blood test regular to keep track of deficiencies. For example, I take vitamin D, C, B12 on a daily basis but it’s individual. Also, make sure to buy quality vitamins, personally I buy all the meds at Canadian pharmacy.