Do you watch hockey ?


Hey guys there , what sport do you like and watch on tv ? I do really like hockey and try to watch it every evening when I get home

Anny Key

No, I prefer football and often go to the stadium to live enjoy the active game of my favorite team. Recently I learned to capitalize on my passion and tried to bet on sports on the site I was able to win good money for the first time and continue to work on studying the results of matches.


You’re lucky dude if you can try to watch every evening after work . After work I get home and I have two more kids that need my attention so no time for myself . All I can do is to check the games results here while I’m at work but still can’t watch it , it makes me really sad. I wish I had at least one day when I can stay at home all alone and whatever I want !


Same here ! I’m a loyal football fan!

And I think that nothing can be cooler than playing football with friends.

That’s my hobby but I’m into hockey as well.

I know some teams !