Does a Ball Go Farther When Hit by a Metal or a Wooden Bat?

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1 Answer

Does the Ball Go Farther Although most of the evidence is anecdotal, there have been confirming studies that support the belief that balls coming off a metal bat go farther--and faster. Because of the danger of this fast return of the ball to the field, particularly to the pitcher, many high schools ban metal bat use during competitive play. The NCAA also has strict guidelines on the composition of the bats used in collegiate play in an effort to assure that a bat's performance doesn't inherently endanger those most likely in the line of fire of a fast ball coming off of a manufactured bat. The Study The conclusion of a 2000 study comparing metal vs. wood bats noted that the average speed of the ball coming off of a wood bat was 98.6 mph, while the average speed of the ball clocked off a metal bat was 106.5 mph. Speed Equals Distance Because the speed at which the ball comes off the bat is directly proportional to the distance it will travel, balls will go farther when hit by a metal ... more
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