Does acupuncture help foraminal stenosis?

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Expert: Dr. Timothy K. Durnin - 7/13/2007 Question Hi Dr. Durnin, I'm sorry to bother you again, I wrote you a letter at your office. If we are only permitted to ask one question, I would like to ask if you think I can avoid surgery with my foraminal stenosis at left of L5,S1 (copy of MRI enclosed with letter). However, if we are permitted to ask two questions, I want to find out if acupuncture might help my foraminal stenosis. Or anything else. After reading your comments about flexion/distraction, I asked my neighbor what you meant (she just graduated as a PT) she showed me some flexing exercises, which I have been doing. I also have started doing the exercises in a 94 degree therapy pool again. But, I still have a lot of pain in my legs and I'm willing to do anything to get well. A friend told me that a lady could barely walk when she went in for acupunture and came out a lot better. And, some websites claim that acupuncture helps foraminal stenosis (I think by making the blood ... more
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