Does aloe vera, the actual plant, help tighten sagging skin?"

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Aloe Vera is in cosmetics, and used mainly for healing purposes. I don't know if it can lay claim to youthfulness. I think everyone should have an aloe vera plant in their garden the ones that have broad leaves. Here's what I know about Aloe. 1. I use it for burns at home and it does cool down burns. Hospital use an aloe vera pack for burn victims. 2 My Westie has dermatitis and when he scratches a place raw, I use the Aloe on him and it makes the bald spot heal. 3. At one time, I was selling aloe by the quart and there was one fella who had stomach ulcers and started drinking the stuff. He made an amazing recovery and had no vomiting spells. Depending how much aloe you need, peel the slimy gel on either the front or back side. If it's a finger burn, take a piece of the aloe and put it on your finger, and wrap it with a bandaid. You can use it on cuts, too.
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