Does amount of enzyme influence reaction rate?

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" The students should have two more lines to plot along with their baseline. The students learn the techniques that they need for the rest of the problems. The next week, each group of two students is assigned a variable to investigate. All the students must repeat the baseline protocol because the amount of enzyme varies with each extraction. Usually, one pair will look at substrate concentration, another at pH, another temperature, and the last group does both the effect of boiling and the inhibitor, hydroxylamine. These assignments equalize the work load and can be accomplished in the 2-hour period. Students then write formal laboratory reports that are due the next laboratory period (see Appendix B). During the next laboratory period, we begin by having a brief report from the different groups on what their data showed. The emphasis is in interpreting data, not "getting the right answer." Be prepared to find that doubling the substrate concentration decreases the reaction rate ... more
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