Does anyone have ideas for simple dance lifts?

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It depends on what kind of dance you are doing. Classical ballet lifts are different than contemporary ballet or modern. The most important part of a lift is that it is weight sharing. It will be easier for the lifter if the liftee learns to take their own weight. This is done by engaging your muscles, especially your center, or your abs. You also want to push down on the lifter if possible. This actually makes it easier, because it actually makes you lighter to the person lifting you. Remember, dead weight is harder to lift. After that, you can experiment with lifting. I have used many different ways of finding lifts. Many times in my choreography, I will incorporate lifts that I have already used from other choreographers. One thing you might look into is looking at pictures and trying to find a way to get into the lifts, or add your own twists to them. I have had a lot of luck with that. A good place to find pictures is http://www.dance more
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