Does anyone know a markdown schedule for Walmart?

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I know Target has a pretty set markdown schedule, but I'm wondering about Walmart. I've been told they have no schedule, but today I heard differently. In the toddler boys section I've been waiting for some outfits that are on clearance to drop, but they've stayed the same for about 3 weeks. There was an employee working that section, so I asked her. Turns out she was a department manager. (I don't know if it was just kid's clothes, or all clothes. Anyone know?) I asked her about the specifc clothes I was interested in, and she said it would be marked down when they were told to from corporate. She DID say however, that the info comes in on Tuesdays, so they are marked down it will happen on a Tuesday. This is great news for me! Does anyone work at Walmart or know someone who does who could find out more info? Also, I'm wondering if this is just the day my store does it, or if it's for all stores. Any info is greatly appreciated! more
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