Does anyone know of a security vendor offering blockchain-related security solutions?

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Tim Frost

I fully agree with you that it is best to consult with experts in this field. I also want to advise you to consider the option of creating your own application for your students. Perhaps this is the easiest option that will solve your problem. It is only necessary to analyze the market and select a company The main criteria are how much it operates in the market and its reputation.

Redgi Redgi

I understand your concern, security really needs to be at a high level. When I started trading in Bitcoin, I studied a lot of information and thought about security. That is why I chose the site here I can safely earn Bitcoin and get a good income.


The best way to secure your wallet will be a strong password and its replacement at least once a week. I believe that you should not trust your wallets to third parties if you have the opportunity to secure it yourself.

Son Hahaokla

Try Wave wallet

Mark Towers

I rarely care about blockchain security. Maybe it is the wrong decision but I trust They always advise me about the most beneficial and safe ICO. I don’t think they can let me down. So you can check their offers and see that there only advantageous offers.