Does Bad Posture Cause Scoliosis?

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Recently, my daughter went to school wearing a bathing suit under her clothes. Naturally, I wondered why! She told me she was being screened for scoliosis. She asked me if it was true, as a friend had told her, that bad posture could cause scoliosis or a permanent stoop. I have heard that one before and have even seen it on television shows: "Sit up straight, dear, or you'll end up hunched over like your Aunt Edna." Is it true that you can prevent trouble in your spine later by paying attention to your posture now? If so, what are the best ways? What can be done to prevent the stooped posture of so many people as they age? Posture and Scoliosis Scoliosis is a condition in which there is a curvature of spine to one side; in severe forms, the bones of the back form an S-curve when viewed from behind. The spine can also curve from front to back, a term called "kyphosis" (excessive backward curvature of the mid-section of the spine) or "lordosis" (excessive forward curvature of the lower ... more
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