Does Bamboo Grow in North America?

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1 Answer

Of the more than 700 species of known bamboos in the world, only 2 are native to the United States. The Arundinacea gigantea (Canebreke Bamboo of the South) is one, and can grow 30 ft. high. It is typically used for fishing poles and for ornamental purposes. The Arundinacea tecta tends to be much smaller and has been known to be used as cattle fodder. Both are considered "running" bamboo varieties, which must be kept in check or they'll grow out of control. In the United States, there tends to be distinct growing regions for these two hardy bamboo varieties. Along the East Coast there is a narrow strip along the coast starting from Long Island and connecting with a narrow strip of Texas coast along the Gulf. Bamboo is found all along this area in the states between these regions. In the western region of the U.S. there are also several good spots for propagating bamboo, most notably along the Pacific coast of Oregon and Washington. There are also tropical species found in Florida, in ... more
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