Does black "drawing salve" (Ichthammol ointment) really work?

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1 Answer

I have 3 or 4 cubes of glass from a car accident embedded in my forearm. Its been really irritating lately and I want to avoid going to a surgeon and having it surgically removed. It feels like it's moving much closer to the skin lately, like it wants to come out. My father and mother both recommended "drawing salve" which is this black, very horrible smelling ointment to get the glass out. I'm trying it now and want to know if anyone has any experience with it, and what kind of shrapnel they used it for. Thanks in advance. I forgot to mention that this accident happened 3 years ago. I saw a wound care specialist at the time who said if it didnt bother me that it didnt have to come out. It's starting to bother me now though. There is no infection or anything present. Ichthammol does NOT come from fish. It is aluminum bituminosulphate. It is distilled from high sulphur oil shale. It has more in common with coal tar shampoos for scalp conditions. It is supposed to be safe and effective ... more
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