Does celebrity Dating involve sex?

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Could be, but not necessary. Everything is negotiable before a date is arranged. Q: I think I am a celebrity, but I dont know how much I should ask for. Can you give me an idea what is the standard remuneration in the Celebrity Dating? A: We don't have guideline of the remuneration for Celebrity Dating. The price of Celebrity Dating could range largely, it depends on how famous you are and what work you have done as an actress or model. Everyone sets her own price accordingly. Q: How do I acquire a high remuneration in the Celebrity Dating? A: Most of the value of the Celebrity Dating comes from how famous you are. The Sugar Daddies might not know the celebrities in your country, but they would like to meet a lady who has been on TV or in the media. You can give us some copies of movies/TV programs, magazines, or newspapers which you are in and we can use that to explain to the Sugar Daddies. Q: If I am a celebrity, I want to discuss the price between sugar dady and myself, can you ...
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