Does Combivent Cause Positive Methamphetamines Drug Test Results?

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1 Answer

Q. I currently work for Children’s Services and have many clients that I need to drug test. Most of the clients begin to list their current medications AFTER they have submitted a positive drug test for Methamphetamines (Meth). Is there any information anywhere that states which prescription meds could come up positive for Meth. during a drug test? If not, can Combivent make a drug test positive for Meth? How? Jody A. Dear Jody, No, not through any mechanism that I can conceive. Dr. Tom Can I Expect a Normal Life with Mild Emphysema? Q. Hi Tom! A CT Scan recently showed mild emphysema on my lungs. My lung function spirometry tests have all been pretty good with my FEV1 averaging around 100% and upwards of predicted. In other words my lung function still seems normal although my last test showed mild but completely reversible obstruction. I quit smoking two years ago when I was 33. I'm 35 now; I exercise regularly and eat lots of anti-oxidant rich food. My question is this--Do you ... more
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