Does DOSPRN work with Vista and Windows Seven 32 bit?

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1 Answer

We tested DOSPRN and found it is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 32 bit but sometimes you should adjust settings. On Windows Vista/Seven 32 bit first of all we recommend to have Administrator privileges. Further DOSPRN uses by defaults file 'C:\PRNSPL' for temporary buffering DOS reports. Windows Vista/Seven in some cases denies writing access in the root of drive C: even for local Administrator. Therefore you may need in some changes in 'autoexec.nt' file: a) Open "%windir%\system32\autoexec.nt" file with any text editor, find PRN2FILE driver's call and append "C:\TEMP\PRNSPL" parameter. Here %windir% is a Seven/Vista directory, c:\windows by default. You should get something similar: REM ========================= C:\PROGRA~1\Dosprn\prn2file.com C:\TEMP\PRNSPL REM ========================= b) Create C:\TEMP directory if it does not exist c) Open DOSPRN window and enter "C:\TEMP\PRNSPL" value in the 'Job filename (filemask)' entry field. • Does DOSPRN work with Vista and ... more
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