Does Forex really work?

June Manning

How do I start trading forex?

Sonya123 Sonya

This topic is very interesting and important. I want to share my experience with you. I have been looking for ways to make money online and have decided to try Forex. My friends said that I can become a millionaire with Forex but unfortunately it did not happen. My knowledge in this field was not enough and I lost all my money. I was disappointed but decided to find another way to earn money online. I’ve developed some useful mobile apps and this Mobile application development services quickly and inexpensively created them for me. People pay money for their downloads and it brings me a good and stable income. I hope my post will be useful to you. Be careful with earnings on Forex.

profwrite01 profwrite01 commented on answer

Of course. It’s a good way to have an additional income. Most of the banks are doing this in high scale. One of my friends also working as a Forex trader and earn a good income. The main thing is you need a good practice and most of the brokerage companies give their support via agents. ‘NordFx’ is such one company. You can create a demo account to practice before moving to real account. You can create a ‘Fix’ trade account with $10 and gradually increase your investment according to the profit you made. Good luck..! 🙂

Andrew Arst

It obviously doesn’t. A lot of people want to earn easily and they consider forex being a great opportunity bu it isn’t so. If you want some “free” money, welcome to , find a casino and test your luck. But forex is about hard work and even if you do everything you can, chances to fail are still quite high.

Arhelia Arfa

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Robert Kelley

Yes, it really works, but it’s not that easy. In order to become a good trader, you ought to have some trading knowledge and experience. If you are interested in Forex trading, I recommend you to start making money with the RoFx. It’s the best money-making service I have ever cooperated with. Moreover, this service has plenty of advantages such as stable daily profit, loss coverage, minimum risks, safety if the start deposit etc. You are welcome to join