Does fruit juice contain amino acids like protein?

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1 Answer

Yeah Roberto is right. So you took fruit juice, lost some fat and you think protein is bad for you!? Firstly, it's not possible for your muscles to become larger without protein. In fact without protein you will lose muscle mass because carbohydrates such as fructose (from juices) cannot help repair or sustain muscle size and will only spike your insulin levels. Amino acid quantities in fruit juice drinks are nowhere near high enough to provide you with any noticeable benefit, especially if you are training. You may look slightly bigger from having lost weight. If you are no longer eating protein or taking protein shakes it's more than likely that you will have a calorie deficit and therefore may have dropped some fat. This always makes your muscles look bigger... but I guarantee if you measure your muscles and carry on with minimal protein (regardless of it's source) and these juices, you WILL get smaller, and those people taking protein powder and eating whole foods will outstrip ... more
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