Does garlic really ward off fleas?

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A. For years many breeders have claimed that garlic indeed keeps fleas at a minimum, these claims are legally un-documented, therefore the products can not claim these benefits even if it did perform that service. In order to document these claims, extensive and very expensive testing has to be performed. We have been using a Brewers Yeast, garlic and Vitamin B-Complex supplement for years at our kennels, and are very satisfied with the nutritional benefits that come with their use. Many of our clients swear about the "no fleas" effect with the garlic use. We rely on the new topical tick and flea treatments to combat both fleas and ticks. We have been alternating BioSpot and Frontline for about 18 months now and have reduced fleas and ticks by about 99%, however maybe the garlic supplement in the daily diet has helped too. more
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