Does Hongdian Galaxy router support VPN + IPSec and VRRP?

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1 Answer

For VPN tunnel + IPSec and VRRP functions, we have two version routers that supports VPN + IPSec and routing backup functions. However, we do not recommend this function for GPRS network. As you know, the VPN and IPSec need more redundancy bandwidth; normally there are more than 30% channel bandwidth will exhausted for the secured policy. In order to have a secured data transmission over GPRS network, we suggest customers talk with GPRS service provider, apply a APN (Access Point Name) group for the specified user. Meanwhile, customer should apply the access to connect their data center from GPRS service provider's gateway. More illustrations refer to the diagram 1. This is the solution we co-operated with China Mobile, and had implemented for China bank system. If you do need the VPN + IPSec function, you can active the embedded VPN functions in our Galaxy router. Refer to the diagram 2 for your reference.
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