Does Ibogaine treatment really work?

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1 Answer

I received ibogaine in October 2009. I chose to go to a 'medical' centre in Mexico rather than receive it from a private practitioner her in Canada. Although the medical clinic in Mexico left something to be desired I felt safer knowing that a dr was available if I was to have any reaction. This sense of security held a hefty pricetag (over 6500.00). As to whether it was 100% effective...I still experienced withdrawal symptoms after the ibogaine, insomnia, night sweats, etc. which lasted for over 10 days but was milder than my historical detoxes (2). I had a VERY heavy IV opioid addiction which may have had some bearing on this. One thing the ibogaine did do for me was completely remove the craving for opiates. This in itself was a huge step for me and helped get me through the final stages of withdrawal without using. The actual taking of the drug was relatively unpleasant, not something I would do for fun. The 'visions' could be instantly stopped by opening ones eyes, the constant ... more
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