Does Illinois have a standard deduction for individual tax filers like the federal tax return?

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No, but if you can claim yourself on your tax return you will be allowed a $2,000 exemption. If someone else claims you as a dependent, you are not entitled to the $2,000 exemption unless your income is $2,000 or less. Can my parent(s) or guardian(s) claim me as a dependent on their return? They will need to contact the Internal Revenue Service to determine if they can claim you as a dependent on their tax return. If they claim you as a dependent on their federal return, they will also claim you as a dependent on their Illinois return. If my parent(s) or guardian(s) cannot claim me as a dependent on their return, can I claim myself? Yes. Illinois allows you to claim your own exemption on your state return if you claimed an exemption for yourself on your federal return. When I completed my Illinois tax return I found I owe the state. What do I do? If you owe the state and are filing electronically, you may pay the entire amount or make a partial payment instantly online at the end of ... more
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