Does insurance cover naturopathic doctors?

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1 Answer

Every day, more insurance companies are covering naturopathic office visits. If you think you may have naturopathic coverage on your health plan, it is best to consult your insurance company prior to your visit to inquire about such coverage. If you have naturopathic coverage on your health insurance plan, it is important to confirm reimbursement with Dr. McCool. Please fax all insurance information to Dr. McCool prior to your visit to confirm naturopathic coverage and benefits. Dr. McCool is able to bill for several insurance providers including, but not limited to BCBS, Providence (direct plan not ASH), ODS, Great-West, Aetna, Cigna and United Healthcare. The amount of reimbursement will depend on your individual health plan and the patient is responsible for any balance not reimbursed. If you do not have naturopathic coverage, let your insurance company know that this is something you would like them to provide in the future. More coverage will become standard when more ... more
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