Does Johnny Depp believe in God?

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1 Answer

Here are some quotes I found from various interviews that may help you: Question: "Do you believe in God?" JD: "I believe in something. If it's called God, I don't know." Interview answer taken from: http://www.findarticles.com/.../pg_2 Question: "Do you belive in God, in destiny?" JD: "Yes, I believe in destiny. There has to be to a reason for all this, a driving force, even if we can't fully understand it. That I'm here, that I've been bleesed with the work I've done, with the girl I have, the children I have. I don't know if I would call it God. My image of God has evolved, by the way: from the wise old man with a white beard on a fluffy cloud from my childhood years he has changed into a cosmic omnipresence, from the air to the trees, and all possible human and animal creatures. I surely don't go to church. Organized religion doesn't appeal to me. Probably because
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