Does JUGS sell used or refurbished Curveball Pitching machines?

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1 Answer

No. The best places to find these machines are through used sporting goods dealers or your local classifieds. However, as with the purchase of any used items, make sure you check out the machine thoroughly, as replacement parts can add dollars to your purchase very quickly. I want to set up a commercial batting range facility. How do I get started? JUGS does not deal with commercial(token operated) setups. For information about JUGS Jugs Curveball Pitching Machines in a commercial setting, please contact us. I can get my Instant Screen into a circle but it is too big for my bag. How do I get it into the proper size to fit in the carrying bag? When you fold the top of the screen down to the bottom near the logo, you need to push it forward to where the netting starts, about a foot above our logo. I have the machine set up to throw a 60 M.P.H. pitch at 60 feet. How fast will it be throwing if I set the machine at 42 feet? Sixty miles per hour. The velocity doesn't change when you move ... more
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