Does Lucas fuel treatment work?

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1 Answer

On One Hand: Fuel Treatments Boost Fuel EfficiencyAccording to the Federal Trade Commission, advertisers claim to increase fuel efficiency and engine cleanliness through products such as ignition devices, liquid injection and fuel additives such as those made by Lucas Oil.On the Other: Lucas Fuel Treatments Ineffective in StudiesThere are currently two Lucas Fuel Treatment products registered with the EPA (as of January 12, 2010); Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant-Injector Cleaner (used in both gasoline and diesel engines) and Lucas Extreme Cold Weather Fuel Treatment (also used in both gasoline and diesel engines). Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant-Injector Cleaner scored 5 microns worse than the baseline---a statistically insignificant change---in a study done by the Diesel Place where samples of fuel additives were sent to laboratories to determine fuel improvement grading.
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