Does MAC make-up cause breakouts?

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1 Answer

MAC foundations are silicone and dimethicone-based, so if you have overly sensitive skin or wear it for extended periods of time, it can cause a breakout. Most MAC foundations (ie: Studio Fix, Studio Tech) were developed for flawless photos... they fill ridges, therefore, they fill pores, too. If you have sensitivity to foundations and makeup, there's a chance you can switch to something lighter (like MAC's Face and Body Foundation or their Mineral Skinfinishes). Each of their foundations have a slightly different formulation though, so if one's not working for you, let your makeup artist (or counter tech) know what's going on. They will be able to exchange it for the same shade in another type of foundation that should better suit you. To test them, you can go to any MAC counter and ask for colormatching and let them know about the sensitive skin. Chances are, they'll probably give you several very small (approx. 1 time use) samples to try on yourself over time to see which suits ... more
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