does marijuana cause back pain?

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1 Answer

Yep the same thing happens to me lately. I don't smoke weed that often, but I do prefer it to drinking in social situations. The pain started happening about a year ago and has increased in intensity, as well I have started getting restless legs (which is a common side effect of some heavy medications, such as those taken during chemotherapy treatments - though I have never had any such drugs in my system). I can't find any information on the pain reaction to marijuana, and actually until I saw this I thought I was the only person it ever happened to! Based on what people have Been saying here, it seems like it's probably a reaction from the weed mixed with an existing medical condition. It looks like sone of us will have to give it up or suffer the pain, though I would be concerned I have some undiagnosed medical situation that I'm exacerbating. I'm definitely asking my doctor if she's ever heard of anything like this.
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