Does marijuana cause excessive sweating?

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1 Answer

On One Hand: Marijuana Use May Cause Excessive SweatingIn some people, the use of marijuana may cause excessive sweating. According to SleepDisordersGuide.com, marijuana is one of the substances that should be avoided in people who suffer from night sweats. Although night sweats can be caused by a variety of factors, marijuana use before going to bed can cause excessive sweating throughout the night. The American Council for Drug Education also explains that excessive sweating may be an indication of drug use.On the Other: Excessive Sweating May Occur During WithdrawalThat said, excessive sweating is most commonly associated with marijuana during the withdrawal period. Drug-Rehab.ca explains that excessive sweating is one of the most common symptoms of withdrawal from marijuana. In the case of withdrawal, the sweating will likely occur soon after the person has stopped using marijuana.Bottom LineExcessive sweating may be an indication of excessive drug use. In the case of marijuana, ...
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