Does masturbation causes impotence?

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1 Answer

Masturbation does cause premature ejaculation but what about impotence? Can it cause impotence too? In premature ejaculation your penis get small in size (esp contracts or shrinks near the base [becomes thin near the base and thick near the top]). It also can not produce erection hard enough as it would have produced if you did not have the premature ejaculation problem. The stiffness in the penis decreases a great deal. In the final stages of premature ejaculation problem all these all these signs can be observed easily. Masturbation does pushes you toward impotence if it does not make you impotent completely. In fact it makes you almost impotent and you have to find some way to come out of it, like masturbation exercise and special exercise with partner to come over it. The person who has this problem thinks as if he is impotent ( he might not be aware of what impotence is but he is definitely aware that he can not have intercourse with a woman and he does not have the courage to ... more
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