Does methadone show up in a 5 panel drug test?

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1 Answer

Yes Methadone will show up on a 5 panel drug test- It will show up on any drug test. Sorry- However, you are incorrect thinking that employers will not hire a person if they have any kind of drug in their system. If you or in this case your husband shows positive for drugs and they are prescribed by a doctor and documentation can be presented- then the drug test for those finding can not be used to determine employment eligibility. In this specific case, because the drug that is going to come up is Methadone, it will raise suspicion about why he is on Methadone- basically because Methadone is more times than not prescribed for recovering drug addicts. My advice for your husband is to tell the company that he is on Methadone because he was hurt and the doctor prescribed it for him- He should bring in any and all paperwork with him to the interview and be completely truthful about it. The company will also have to send him out for a drug test instead of doing a 5 panel drug test. The 5 ... more
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