Does Nestlé use genetically modified foods in any of its products?

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1 Answer

With our vast worldwide experience in the food industry, we recognize the potential gene technology has, in the longer term, to improve the quality, availability and nutritional value of food. We support a responsible application of gene technology for food production based on sound scientific research. In addition we concur with the shared opinion of numerous independent scientific bodies and international organizations that such crops are as safe as their traditional counterparts. The safety of our products and the integrity of the ingredients from which they are manufactured are paramount to Nestlé. Genetically modified crops, as all raw materials used by Nestlé, comply with strict regulatory and safety evaluations. We will continue to use ingredients derived from genetically modified crops wherever appropriate provided their safety is proven, as required for all ingredients. As a global food manufacturer and marketer, Nestlé takes into consideration local needs; cultural ...
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