Does Oxycise! produce long-term results?

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1 Answer

Yes, Oxycise! can be a permanent solution to the problem of weight control! Jill has maintained her 50 pound loss for more than 15 years now. Many of the people on our Success Stories pages have maintained their losses for at least a year, and several have kept off their weight for 2-3 years. Jill has written: "Oxycise! becomes a lifestyle. You will find yourself breathing better all day long and doing little 'extras' while you're standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for software to load, sitting at a traffic light. This keeps your metabolism revved up all day, without taking any extra time from your schedule. "If you incorporate everything I have in print, you will never struggle with weight again. Everyone who follows the Oxycise! lifestyle achieves results. You can choose how precisely you want to follow the methods and principles. For example, last summer I received reports from 3 women who had all achieved different results -- and each of them had put different amounts ...
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