Does Pole Dancing hurt?

hurt pole dancing

I won’t lie to you, Pole Dancing is hard work. You will probably ache all over the day after your first class. This is why we include a warm up and cool down in the lessons to help minimise this. Learning the stretches given to you in class, and repeating them at home can help enormously. Bruising is very common when learning new pole tricks, especially on the legs. Even the professionals get bruises when trying something new. Bruising will subside as your body learns how not to hurt itself in each move. Lots of Pole Dancers call their bruises “badges of honour” and show them off to other polers! Bruising can be reduced by applying an ice pack, or you can try arnica or witch hazel. Pole burn is actually friction burn from gripping the pole with your skin. Again, this gets better with time as your body gets used to the pole. Pole burn can be easily treated with an aloe vera aftersun gel.