Does PVA Glue Stick To Fabric?


Yes (and it *won’t* unstick after it dries, only when still wet, though it doesn’t set to the maximum for about a week). White glue and fabric glue are PVA (polyvinyl acrylic), but “fabric glue” dries a bit more flexible and perhaps even more waterproof. PVA glues, Elmers GlueAll, fabric glue, tacky glue, and other white glues would work well to stick one porous item to another (that is, fabric to cardboard). The cardboard could warp though if you use a lot of glue to start with (because it will contain a lot of water) unless you’re using a corrugated cardboard, and it could even warp by curving on just one side since the glue is just on one side. Those things wouldn’t matter probably unless you used lot of glue, had a large area of coverage, and used a thin cardboard (you could always try weighting during drying if it happened). You can also use a spray adhesive to attach fabric to cardboard (I’ve done that myself) . That works well and should stay for a long time, though not quite as