Does Real Flame Gel Fuel actually put off any heat or is it strictly for ambiance?

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Although not recommended as a primary heat source, Real Flame Gel Fuel does give off roughly 3,000 BTUs of heat per can per hour. This means if you burn all three cans for the full three hours, you will raise the temperature of a 10’x 12’ room between 4-6 degrees. Real Flame looks a lot like Sterno. Is there any difference in the two, and can I use Sterno in my Real Flame fireplace. ? Answer: Although it is a similar concept, sterno and Real Flame Gel Fuel are two completely different products. Sterno is composed of methyl alcohol as opposed to isopropyl alcohol. The methyl alcohol creates the small blue flame that you see when you burn a sterno can. Isopropyl alcohol burns a bright orange robust flame. Methyl alcohol also creates carbon monoxide, and is not safe to burn in large quantities. We do not recommend using sterno in any Real Flame products. more
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