Does reality have a efresh rate?


Does reality have a
efresh rate?


1) “In both parties, in the individuals, the quanta “charge” travels FROM the genitalia region, upward through the ganglionic and spinal-cord regions and then across the ground-state of the brain (the mind, of course, encompasses ALL these regions), REFRESHING the entire ground-state OF THE ENTIRE INDIVIDUAL LOCAL MIND, “sweeping across” the length and breadth of these expanses of one’s ground-state, “wiping away the cobwebs” (as it might be said) and rebalancing the levels of order and chaos within the entire ground-state. THIS is the REFRESH PROCESS. And make no mistake here, and do not confuse CORPOREALITY with INCORPOREALITY, because, even though I am saying that the “refresh” process SWEEPS across the ganglia, spinal cord and brain, IT IS THE INCORPOREAL MIND which is being “refreshed” – your ground-state – that is being balanced and recharged.” Source and further information: 2) “Soon we will see that Mandelshtam-Tamm

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