Does Rebounding help with Incontinence?

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1 Answer

It depends. In fact it depends on two factors: 1. The degree of Incontinence 2. The softness of bounce and the way of bouncing People who have to deal with Incontinence are often women who have given birth to several children. For them it is very "normal" that the Pelvic Floor has started to give up a bit of its strength. Some people have to deal with Incontinence because they simply inherited this tendency. In most cases you can do something about it. If the Incontinence is rather strong, the best is to follow a training class to train back the Pelvic Floor. After having learned to activate the Pelvic Floor, Rebounding might be a great way to further strengthen the concerned area. If the Incontinence is only light, Rebounding can be used to strengthen the concerned area. However it is important to "activate the Pelvic Floor" while Rebounding. We observed that people who are concerned with Incontinence have better results when using a Bungee band Rebounder then when using a spring ... more
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