Does root beer / birch beer / sarsaparilla have caffeine?

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from what i know very few root beers and only one sarsaparilla have caffeine. no birch beers that i know of have it. i have not seen any root beer candy that has it either. these sodas have caffeine, the rest do not: America’s Choice Root Beer Barq’s Skeleteen’s Rat Bastard Root Beer Jack Black’s Dead Red Root Beer XTZ X Root Beer Riot Hot Rod Magazine Root Beer Hosmer Mountain Sarsaparilla Steaz Organic Sparkling Green Tea Root Beer Eric’s Famous Energy Cola Rootbeer Bawls G33k B33r Root Jack Orange Flavored Root Beer contrary to popular belief, all “brown” sodas do not have caffeine, it is added to many of them. yes, colas DO have caffeine from the coca beans, but that does not mean the rest do too! just as the fact that Mountain Dew has caffeine added does not make all other citrus sodas (or yellowish green sodas) have caffeine too. more
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