Does Royalty-Free mean the same thing as "Copyright Free"?

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1 Answer

A. No. Media Music Services maintains the copyrights of its songs and the recordings. However, your license constitutes a full use of the music under our guidelines. Once issued a license, you will be able to use the tracks for a lifetime of 99 years. • Q. What rights am I "buying out" when I purchase Royalty-Free Music? A. Basically there are three rights you need for audio/video uses: Mechanical, Synchronization and Public Performance. The mechanical right lets you re-record the music from your purchased CD. The synchronization right lets you put the music into time relationship with a picture. And the public performance right allows you to transmit the music by means of broadcast. Our license covers mechanical and synchronization rights for almost all uses. However, broadcasters who have accounts with BMI should handle the usage rights of the music through their BMI contracts if your product is to be broadcasted. We request that you list Media Music Services on your cue sheets ... more
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