Does Salicylic acid work on toenail fungus infection and why were my results negative?

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A week ago my Doctor prescribed me Salicylic acid 10% for my fungus toenail infection. The other thing is that the Doctor told me to book an appointment with the Nurse so she can take a few nail clipping and send them off to the microbiologists. The dumb nurse asked me if I have brought my nail clippings with me and I said to her I thought you was going cut my nails for me and then she said dont worry I will cut your nails for you. And then she cut nails with scissors because she did not have a nail cutter and she could only take tiny bits of nails because the scissors wont could not cut through the nails properly. 2 weeks later the results came back and the results was negative even the doctor e was confused because he can deffinatley see that it is a fungul nail infection and I told im that the other toenails are started to become infected so then he prescribed me Salicylic acid 10%. The other thing I cant get round is why were the results negative and does Salicylic acid work This ... more
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