Does Savannah cats eat ordinary cat food?

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1 Answer

When it is time to collect your kitten, we will provide you with a list of the current diet your Savannah cat and Bengal Cats are on which we recommend you maintain. Savannah Cats and Bengal Cats will eat ordinary cat food. Please do remember, each cat will have its own personality and you will need to observe your Bengal and Savannah Cats likes or dislikes. Both Bengal and Savannah Cats are domestic cats and should be provided with good quality food. Our cats eat both wet and dry foods and a fresh bowl of water is always available and refreshed three times a day. Water is an extremely important part of all cat or kitten's diet. They also really love whole slightly boiled chicken legs placed near their beds at night. Some of them prefer it raw, that is why it is a good idea to observe your cat's behaviour at the early stages. We will also tell you when you collect your cat all about its previous diet. We avoid giving our cats snacks and stick to a feeding routine. We have certainly ... more
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