Does Scientology “beard” gay celebrities?

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1 Answer

Posted in Scientology at 1:37 pm by Rick Ross Does Scientology have a “cure” for homosexuality, or does the controversial church just beard (disguise) its gay celebrities through arranged marriages? Scientologist John Travolta married fellow Scientologist Kelly Preston in what seemed like convenient timing, just after the National Enquirer ran a story about an alleged two-year homosexual affair between the actor and a male porn star. The subsequent Travolta/Preston union produced two offspring and paved the way for the actor to continue a lucrative career as a leading man. The National Inquirer later ran a retraction and Travolta’s alleged lover recanted, after the star’s lawyer reportedly applied some pressure. Another Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley was quickly wed to Michael Jackson after allegations surfaced that he was a pedophile that preyed upon little boys. A source told CultNews that a Scientology minister participated and/or officiated when the couple was married at a ... more
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