Does seaweed go away?

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Seasonal changes in currents and storm activity as well as tidal reach result in variations in the accumulations of seawrack, beached seaweed. Spring high tides can sometimes leave very large piles washed ashore that will decompose naturally. If the piles are very dense they may decompose anaerobically causing a bad smell. Simply knocking them apart will allow air in and stop them smelling of hydrogen sulfides. Very large piles can suffocate healthy clam beaches causing habitat damage. If the problem is fairly extensive local authorities should be informed but if it can be dealt with by hand it will be faster to use a garden rake to drag the piles down to where the tide can wash them away. If you have a garden it might be worth collecting some if you can wash the salt off in a nearby fresh water outlet while the tide is going out so the stream water is less brackish. Seaweed is a valuable addition to garden’s with many minor and major nutrients plus it decomposes faster than grass clip