Does smoking cause birth defects?

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A woman who smokes while she is pregnant has a greater chance of having a premature (early) birth, a small baby, or a stillborn baby. If the mother smokes while pregnant, there is also an increased risk of the baby dying during the first year of life. Some types of birth defects have been linked to the mother’s smoking. Birth defects that may be increased when the mother smokes include: cleft lip, cleft palate, clubfoot, limb defects, some types of heart defects, gastroschisis (an opening in the muscles of the abdomen that allows the intestines to appear outside the body), and imperforate anus (there is no opening from the intestines to the outside of the body to allow stool or gas to be passed). Talk with your health care provider about ways to help you quit smoking if you are pregnant or can get pregnant. more
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Smoking can increase the risk of many birth defects such as cleft palate, cleft lip, limb defects, clubfoot, certain heart defects, gastroschisis, and imperforate anus. Smoking also increases the risk for premature birth, stillborn birth, and baby dying during the first year of life. more
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